Wednesday, October 21, 2020



 Here are a few inspiring quotes from young Carlo Acutis

“To always be close to Jesus, that is my life plan.”

“All people are born as originals, but many live as photocopies.”

(Another variation: “All are born with their own originality, but many die as photocopies.”)

“Do not be afraid because with the Incarnation of Jesus, death becomes life, and there’s no need to escape: in eternal life, something extraordinary awaits us.”

“Our goal must be infinite, not the finite. The infinite is our homeland. Heaven has been waiting for us forever.”

(Another variation: “Our destination must be what is infinite, not what is finite. Infinity is our homeland. We have been expected in Heaven since time immemorial.”)

“By standing before the Eucharistic Christ, we become holy.”

“Jerusalem is right on our doorstep.”

“The more Eucharist we receive, the more we will become like Jesus, so that on earth we will have a foretaste of heaven.”

“Not me, but God.”

“Continuously ask your guardian angel for help. Your guardian angel has to become your best friend.”

“Our soul is like a hot air balloon. If by chance there is a mortal sin, the soul falls to the ground. Confession is like the fire underneath the balloon enabling the soul to rise again. . . It is important to go to confession often.”

“Sadness is looking at ourselves, happiness is looking towards God.”

“The only thing we have to ask God for, in prayer, is the desire to be holy.”

“The Virgin Mary is the only woman in my life.”

“The Eucharist is the highway to heaven.”

“I am happy to die because I have lived my life without wasting a minute on those things which do not please God.”

“What’s the use of winning 1,000 battles if you can’t beat your own passions?”

“Each person reflects the light of God.”